What is White Label Coffee?

White Label Signature Blend

White-label or foodservice private label coffee is a type of specialty coffee that can be sold under the brand name of someone other than the roaster. It is a fantastic way for small businesses or cafes to source unique and high-quality beans while still maintaining their own branding. Here we will look at how white-label coffee works, the benefits it offers, and what it takes to purchase your own white-label coffee.

How Does White Label Coffee Work?

White-label coffee is produced by one company, typically a large roasting company, but then packaged and labeled by another business or individual. This allows those purchasing the product to put their own labels on the bags and market it as if they were the original producer.

The larger roaster provides all aspects of production including sourcing beans, blending mixes, and roasting profiles – so there is no need for the customer to have any knowledge of these processes themselves. All that needs to be done is deciding on a suitable roast profile, blend mix, packaging materials, and branding.

Benefits of White-Label Coffee

White-label coffee offers many advantages for both producers and consumers alike. Firstly, it gives smaller companies access to high-quality beans without having to invest in the equipment or personnel needed to produce them from scratch. This eliminates significant overhead costs associated with setting up an entire production line from sourcing green beans to finished roasted products.

For customers, white-label products offer an easy way of gaining access to specialty-grade beans without sacrificing their own branding or identity. This can also create a sense of prestige when selling such products as customers feel they are receiving something unique yet still recognizable among other brands in the marketplace.

Purchasing Your Own White Label Coffee

Purchasing white-label coffee requires establishing relationships with reputable industry players capable of producing the product according to your specific requirements – however, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need big pockets either! Many companies who specialize in producing white-label coffee will be happy to discuss their minimum order quantities (MOQs) which are often far lower than most people expect them to be!

It’s important that you take time to conduct due diligence when selecting a supplier in order to ensure you receive high-quality product on time that meets all relevant food safety standards as required by law. Establishing samples prior to placing any orders can also give you an idea if certain blends are suitable for your customers’ tastes before investing heavily into large volumes of stock upfront!

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