Coffee Lab

Our Coffee Lab is where coffee cupping or coffee tasting, a method used to evaluate the quality of aroma/fragrance, flavor, acidity, body, and balance of brewed coffee. A fresh, consistent cup of delicious coffee is essential to your customers. Colonial Coffee Roasters employs a team of professional tasters who can detect body, acidity, and aroma. As a result, our tasters can match any blend of coffee and reproduce the exact same taste your customers expect at the ideal price.

Coffee Cupping

Coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is the a professional method of assessing coffee quality… or as we like to call it: art of tasting coffee. It involves carefully smelling and tasting coffee in order to evaluate its flavor characteristics. During coffee cupping, coffee professionals slurp the coffee to aerate it and get a better taste sensation. We look for body, acidity, sweetness, balance, and aroma during this process. After the cupping is complete, coffee professionals assign a score based on their assessment. Coffee cupping is an essential part of coffee production, allowing coffee producers to evaluate their coffee and make adjustments as needed.

3 Types of Coffee Beans & Coffee Grounds
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