Tradition. Freshness. Consistency. These three important ingredients are the key to Colonial’s stellar reputation and longevity in the coffee industry. For almost 70 years, Colonial has provided the best of the best, the highest grade of specialty coffees, cupped and re-cupped throughout the purchasing, roasting, and packaging processes, and delivered immediately to guarantee the most delicious blends of the finest coffees available. Our products include varietal coffees from every major growing region in the world, Organic Trade, Single Estate, the finest Arabica coffee, and Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated Coffee. We strive for nothing short of excellence in our coffee and maintain rigorous standards in our quality control, policies, and procedures to exact only optimum results.

We use a Nitrogen gas flush that reduces the oxygen within each coffee pouch to less than 5%, preserving freshness during packaging. Say goodbye to beans that are old and stale.

It’s All About the Coffee

There’s nothing like starting a new day with a steamy, delicious cup of coffee. But great taste doesn’t just happen. Colonial understands that it’s all about freshness, quality, and consistency. To achieve the quintessential coffee experience, we incorporate only the best ingredients in all of our products, engage professional tasters, and preserve freshness with optimal packaging. With our expansive line of products and flavor blends, we have all the resources, knowledge, and skills to ensure the ideal cup of coffee for everyone’s tastes. Perfection is only a sip away…

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