Mission Statement

Promoting improvements to the standard of living for coffee growers; organizing and developing programs that aim to improve farm operations and living conditions for coffee growers; promoting the benefits of sourcing premium grade coffee.

What is the SFS project:

The Sip for Strength project is Colonial Coffee Roasters’ holistic approach to securing the long-term economic viability of the Colombian coffee grower. while providing Colonial Coffee with a sustainable supply of high-quality premium coffees.

What it does:

  • Our SFS project will pay a premium price directly to growers for premium coffees that meet Colonial’s high standards.
  • The SFS project eliminates the middleman and provides for faster and more secure payments to growers.
  • The SFS project provides growers with opportunities for continuous improvement in farm operations and living standards.

Who it benefits:

The SFS project benefits the growers while providing Colonial Coffee Roasters with a consistent supply of Premium quality coffees.

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