Social Responsibility: Sip for Strength Project

Coffee Beans

For the past sixty five years, Colonial Coffee Roasters, Inc has thrived within Colombia’s coffee community as roasters, exporters and manufacturers in Colombia and the United States. Sourcing premium grade coffees requires to work together and continuously improve premium Colombian coffees.

The Sip for Strength project is Colonial Coffee Roasters’ holistic approach to securing the long term economic viability of the Colombian coffee grower; however, it is also our intent to expand the project to include other countries. This will be accomplished by paying premium prices for premium coffees that consistently adhere to the high standards of Colonial Coffee Roasters Inc.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with a continuous supply of high quality premium coffees by paying our coffee growers a premium price for premium coffees. We aim to improve the lives of coffee growing families in Colombia with hopes of expanding the project to include coffee growers in other countries.