Colonial International

Made from specialty grade coffee beans from around the world

Colonial’s International Coffee brand offers a variety of exquisitely satisfying coffees that are balanced, complex, and aromatic. Our experts have meticulously crafted fresh and consistent flavor through extensive taste testing and blending, delivering the highest quality coffees that can be purchased by consumers at convenience stores, and are available for food service distribution, as well as office coffee services.

Colonial Signature Blend

Evoking the lush beauty of Central and South America, our experts have perfected this signature blend and created a hearty coffee that is aromatic and flavorful, with a smooth finish guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning coffee lovers.

Colonial 100% Colombian

Grown at high mountain altitudes, this South American Arabica coffee bean is the finest in the region. The resulting medium dark roast is perfection, delivering a rich, mild, and full-bodied taste that’s hard to resist.

European Dark Roast

Combining Central and South America’s finest Arabica beans, this dark roast offers rich flavors, heavy aroma, and the perfect balance of body and acidity,providing a delicious and elegant experience.

Colombian Decaf

98% caffeine-free, this tasty coffee is processed in green bean form from only the select 100% Arabica high grown coffees. The result provides all of the rich taste, without all the caffeine.

Donut Shop Blend

Kick-off the morning with a zesty pick-me-up. This gourmet blend delivers a floral aroma, rich flavor, and thick body in a tasty medium-roast coffee that will perk up even the most selective coffee lovers.


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