Caffé Contempo

Contempo Coffee

Inspired by European, Latin American, and South Pacific traditions

Colonial Coffee Roasters’ dedication to quality and consistency has inspired the creation of Caffé Contempo, an international espresso line that upholds Colonial’s commitment to producing coffee of the highest quality. Inspired by European, Latin American, and South Pacific traditions, Caffé Contempo selections provide an extremely flavorful and consistent cup of coffee that satisfies every time. Caffe Contempo is available for purchase at select retail locations. Visit Caffe Contempo for more information.


Comprised of a variety of selected Arabica beans and infused with a touch of Robusta, this exquisite blend of coffee provides an aromatic, rich, dense, and well-rounded taste experience. This creamy espresso is of the highest quality, with an exceptional taste that raises the bar for flavor, satisfying even the most demanding connoisseurs.


This roast of concentrated exotic flavors hails from the lofty, volcanic slopes of the Pacific Rim. Pacifica is a 100% Arabica blend of the highest quality of bean species, resulting in flavor that’s lush and vibrant, providing a full-bodied, smooth, and creamy espresso experience.


Sabor’s exceptional blend is a combination of perfectly roasted, rich, sweet caramel and burned toffee. It’s a perfect balance of the highest quality of Arabica and Robusta, merged with the full-flavored smoothness of Espresso. The result is a vigorous sensory experience guaranteed to satisfy coffee aficionados with every cup.


This unique blend combines the traditional espresso experience with the concentrated flavors of Arabica and Robusta. The result is a delightful coffee that is 98% naturally decaffeinated and brimming with flavor and elegance that lingers on the palate after the last delicious sip.


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